Instituto Lula



Jul 2, 2012 6:25 PM

The Lula Institute’s principal focus will be on Brazil's cooperation with Africa and Latin America. The increase in the exercise of democracy and greater social inclusion combined with economic development are among the main achievements of the Lula government and are those that the institute will encourage in other countries.

The Institute will also work to create a museum to tell the story of Brazil through the experience of social movements. Called the Memorial da Democracia, its concept is based on a similar modern projects in which interactivity is central theme, like the Portuguese Language Museum (Museu da Língua Portuguesa), and the Soccer Museum (Museu do Futebol), both in São Paulo the capital of the state of São Paulo.

At the end of Lula/’s second term in 2010, the Instituto Cidadania –  where Lula prepared and discussed his public policy proposals with the Brazilian people prior being elected president – emerged as the Lula Institute (Instituto Lula), which will care for the historical archives and carry on the international exchange of the former president’s political experiences.

 The Lula Institute is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization and does not depend on governments, political parties or religious organizations for support. The work of the Institute is supported by donations from companies and through people who identify with the objectives of the Institute.