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Brazilian Supreme Court recognizes that Moro acted with political motivation

Mar 24, 2021 11:16 AM

Carlos Alberto / PT no Senado

Geoffrey Robertson, who has been acting for Lula over the past three years in his appeal to a UN Human Rights Committee, has maintained that by international standards Lula has been the victim of an unfair trial and a biased judge. He comments as follows on yesterday’s supreme court decision which endorsed this argument.

“This ruling upholds our argument that Lula was railroaded by a hostile and politically motivated judge. Sergio Moro ordered the police to begin this wrongful prosecution and then, as trial judge, convicted and savagely sentenced him so he could not stand against Bolsonaro, who then rewarded Moro by making him Minister of Justice. 

Lula’s case calls into question Brazil’s outdated criminal justice procedure, in which the same person acts both as investigator and judge. It’s like a policeman arresting you and then taking off his helmet and putting on a wig. It’s a hangover from the Spanish inquisition, and in this case it allowed Moro to act both as prosecutor and judge, and in effect as persecutor. The charge of corruption should never have been brought as they could not show he had ever accepted a penny!”