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Buletin 122 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy

Jun 21, 2018 10:15 AM

Arte Agência PT

1. Now in video format, the letter from Lula to the Brazilian people is echoing in the voices of people from across Brazil. The text was read by President Dilma Rousseff on June 8, in the act that launched Lula’s pre-candidacy for the Presidency in the city of Contagem, Minas Gerais. Watch the video version of Lula’s “Letter to the Brazilian People,” written by Lula and narrated by the people:

2. Uruguayan ex-President José Pepe Mujica will visit ex-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva tomorrow, June 21, in the Federal Police Headquarters in Curitiba. Mujica will be accompanied by PT National President, Senator Gleisi Hoffmann (Paraná). The visit is scheduled to take place at 4 PM. Afterwords, both will bring a message from Lula to the activists who are participating in the Vigil in front of the Federal Police headquarters where ex-President Lula is being held as a political prisoner. In addition to sharing popularity throughout the entire world, Mujica and Lula divide the dream of a strong and united Latin America.

3. The elected President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, received a standing ovation today in Liverpool, England, from 2.5 thousand workers from around the world, to the screams of “Lula Livre” and the Congress of the UNI Global Union, which unites over 1000 service sector workers unions in 150 countries. The new General Secretary of the UNI Global Union, Christy Hoffmann, gave a plaque to Dilma in homage to Lula. Dilma denounced Lula’s political imprisonment and thanked the union members for their support for the freedom campaign for the Brazilian leader. Read more here:

4. The “good afternoon” yell to ex-president Lula on this Wednesday was reinforced by activists from Acre, who traveled 3000 kilometers to be in Curitiba. The delegation has five members and is led by the PT Municipal Directory President from Rio Branco, Marcos Inácio Fernandes. Luiz Marinho, ex-Minister of Social Welfare and of Work and Employment, also participated in the activity. The “good night” yell to Lula was led by Ana Maria Pinho, who came from Minas Gerais to support the struggle for freedom for Lula.

5. In Curitiba, ex-President Lula sent a letter to congratulate the President of PT, Senator Gleisi Hoffman (Parana) for being absolved, on Tuesday, by the Federal Supreme Court, of false accusations made by the Operation Car Wash over the course of four years. “I hope that this process will be the mark of a new moment in issues of the Brazilian Judiciary, especially in Operation Car Wash processes,” said Lula. He reaffirmed the fact that part of the Judiciary is practicing Lawfare to politically destroy PT leaders. Read more here:

6. This afternoon, the lawyer Ludimar Rafanhim led a conversation with activists at the #LulaLivre vigil about retirement and the social pension system. Afterwords, young people from the MST played guitar and sang protest, MPB and Brazilian rock songs to raise the spirits of the people who are participating in the democratic resistance and the struggle for freedom for Lula.