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Federal prosecutors suspend bilionaire deal with Petrobras

Mar 13, 2019 11:27 AM

Cliceia Alves

Straight from Curitiba – 3/12/2019 – 340 days of resistance – 8:15 PM

1. The PT Paraná state congressional bloc visited the Lula Livre Vigil today to announce that it will start coming to the resistance space every Tuesday to participate in the “Good Morning President Lula” shout. The news was given by state congresspeople Professor Lemos, Luciana Rafagnin, Tadeu Veneri and Arilson Chiorato. This decision is part of a group of actions which has the goal of increasing mobilization against the political imprisonment of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who will mark one year behind bars next April 7th. Read more here:

2. State congressman Tadeu Veneiri (PT-Paraná), who is the opposition leader in the State Legislature, explained the importance of the congressional bloc joining the activists in the Vigil one day a week. “Our role is, first of all, to say that we understand the imprisonment of comrade Lula to be unjust and arbitrary, and that we will only stop coming here when he is free. Secondly, we have decided that the PT bloc in Paraná needs to have a role in this process, joining together with the warriors who are hear morning, afternoon and night.” Watch video here:

3. After receiving various criticisms from Brazil's legal community, the Federal Public Prosecutors Office announced the suspension of the scandalous deal which tried to use $2.5 billion of Petrobras funds, returned from the US Government,  to create a private entity which would be called the Lava Jato Foundation. The backpedaling was announced this Tuesday, March 12th, and still needs to be approved by Judge Gabriela Hardt, who ratified the deal. PT National President, Congresswoman Gleisi Hoffmann, defined the deal as “nebulous” for delivering national sovereignty and wealth to the United States. Read more here: