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Lula: it is the people who guarantee democracy

Mar 12, 2019 2:05 PM

Ricardo Stuckert

The former mayor of São Paulo and Lula’s lawyer, Fernando Haddad, visited Lula these Friday at the headquarters of the Federal Police in Curitiba. Lula was unjustly imprisoned 10 months ago for an apartment that was never his.

Haddad said that Lula was very concerned about the current president’s statements and understanding of democracy. Bolsonaro said in a meeting with Marines that democracy depends not on the people but on the military. "Democracy and freedom, they only exist (sic) when their respective armed forces want it," said the elected president of Brazil.

Lula, one of the main figures in the country's redemocratization, disagrees. "It is the people who guarantee democracy, and it is from them where, according to our Constitution, all the power emanates," he said in a message transmitted by Haddad.

"Today, talking about Lula Livre is talking about democracy. We are not dealing here with a personal issue. We are here with the greatest leader in the country's political history in an unjust situation. We are defending the rights of a person but [this] represents, in fact, the rights of the people as a whole."

Fernando Haddad was accompanied by lawyers Cristiano Zanin and José Roberto Battochio, who currently operate more on the front line. The three participated in a meeting about legal guidelines.

On March 8th Lula also sent a message paying homage to women.

Translated by Carolina Paes Brownlow