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Lula sent a letter of solidarity to the writer Marcia Tiburi

Mar 12, 2019 2:10 PM

Kamilla Ferreira/Agência PT

Straight from Curitiba – 3/11/2019 – 339 days of resistance – 7:30 PM

1. The Lula Livre National Committee Executive Commission met on the afternoon of Monday, March 11th, to debate the continuity and amplification of the campaign for freedom for ex-President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Among topics covered, the group discussed the organization of a Lula Livre campaign national gathering, which will take place on Saturday, March 16th, in São Paulo. See photos of the meeting here:

2. Former President Lula sent a letter of solidarity to the philosopher and writer Marcia Tiburi, who left Brazil at the end of last year due to threats that she has suffered since the 2018 electoral campaign when she ran for Governor of Rio de Janeiro for PT. Lula wrote, “Marcia Tiburi does not lack courage. In her opinions, ideas and attitudes, she is not afraid of taking risks, of saying what she thinks and feels, to run the risk of displeasing people. She never shuts up in the face of an injustice or to hold onto space on a TV station. She will never abdicate her voice and her reflections. She will say and write what she thinks.” Read the letter here:

3. Priscila Beltrame, the criminal lawyer and coordinator of the Department of Criminal and Economic Law of the Brazilian Institute of Criminal Science (IBCCrim), defined as “completely illegal” and “biased” the deal made between representatives of the Federal Public Prosecutors' Office (MPF) from Paraná, the US Department of Justice and Petrobras to create a billion dollar private foundation with money from the fine levied against the state petroleum company during the Lava Jato investigation. Along with other specialists, Beltrame believes that the Public Prosecutors are engaging in “political proselytism” and “usurping functions” along the same arbitrary line as the persecution of Lula. Read more here:

4. The end of Sunday Afternoon, March 10th, was marked by an inter-religious ceremony at the Lula Livre Vigil. The ceremony took place a little over an hour before the good night shout to the ex-President and was participated in by members and leaders from various religions as well as the activists who are resisting the Lava Jato investigations arbitrary actions and defending freedom for Lula, who was convicted in an arbitrary manner by ex-Judge Sérgio Moro, day and night. Antônio Ferreira, an activist from Sergipe, said that Lula was imprisoned because they wanted to “imprison a man who represented light and love.” See the complete ceremony here: