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Noam Chomsky sent a letter of congratulations to Lula

Apr 29, 2019 10:26 AM

Photo: Mauro Calove

Bulletin 433 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy

Curitiba – 4/28/2019 – 387 days of resistance – 6:05 pm

1. From the “Lulaço” event held in  Salvador to the huge banner spread postcard-style in central São Paulo, from family conversations to heated discussions in bars and restaurants, from publications in personal profiles on social networks to the biggest newspapers and news portals in the world, Lula has been the man of the hour ever since the interview he gave last Friday (26). Former president Lula is also the image of the hour, as you will see in this gallery of 21 unpublished photos of the former president. See more here:

2. On Sunday (April 28), Lula’s and the Workers’ Party’s (PT) official websites featured the full interview, recorded two days earlier, in which Lula fielded questions from reporters from the Folha de São Paulo and El País. At the Free Lula Vigil, the interview was shown on a large screen for the benefit of those present at the site of resistance. You can see the images here:

3. U.S. academic Noam Chomsky and his wife Valeria Wasserman sent a letter of congratulations to Lula, in which they expressed their jubilation at his performance during the interview. “Your spirits are undimmed and your commitment to save Brazil from the appalling situation it currently finds itself in remains steadfast,” reads one section of the letter. Read the full message here: