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Protests across Brazil rise against attacks on education

May 15, 2019 11:07 AM

Bulletin 449 – People's Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy

Straight from Curitiba – 5/14/2019 – 403 days of resistance – 7:15 PM

1. In an interview with journalists on Monday, May 13, before giving a speech in an event promoted by the Paraná Magistratura Federal School (Esmafe-PR) and the Association of Federal Judges (Ajufe), Judge Gabriela Hardt confessed that her ruling against former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, on the case of the Atibaia vacation property, was copied from another ruling, that of ex-Judge and current politician Sérgio Moro, who convicted Lula without any material proof in the case of the Triplex apartment. Specialists argue that this should render Hardt's conviction null and void. Read more here:

2. The activists in the Lula Livre Vigil met on the afternoon of this Tuesday, May 14th, to watch, or re-watch the interview that the former President made for the British TV Network, BBC. In a special edition of the channel, which was aired on the night of May 10th, Lula criticized the attacks made by Jair Bolsonaro against the nation's public education system and said, “Brazil can't solve its problems with guns – it needs schools and books to do this.”

3. The activists also spoke of the students, professors and public school workers paralyzations and  protests which will take place across Brazil on this Wednesday, May 15th, against the government's attacks on public education. Right wing extremist President Jair Bolsonaro announced budget cuts for all of the universities and federal educational institutions. Stipends for masters and doctoral students were also cut. Watch more here: 

4. On Praça da República in São Paulo, scores of activists united on the night of Monday, May 13, to watch various speeches of Lula's on a big screen TV that was installed in the area. The initiative was organized by the Lula Livre committees in São Paulo together with several collectives for the defense of freedom for the ex-President and Afro-Brazilian emancipation, among other causes. During the act, the activists also yelled good night to Lula, and marched through the downtown streets. See more here: