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Two years ago, Lula inaugurated the transposition of the São Francisco river

Mar 20, 2019 12:02 PM

Photo: Ricardo Stuckert

Straight from Curitiba – 3/9/2019 – 347 days of resistance – 7:30 PM

1. Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's defense team filed a petition in the Supreme Justice Court for it to analyze the deal made between Petrobras and the United States Government and revise its conviction over the case of the triplex apartment in Guarujá. The motive for the petition was as much due to the fact that the company made a deal in which it presented itself as a defendant and not a victim, as well as the information that has come out in a labor lawsuit involving OAS that the company paid R$6 million for its employees to modify their testimonies – which exposes the political motivations behind Lula's conviction. Read more here: https://pt.org.br/fundao-da-lava-jato-com-eua-inocenta-lula-diz-defesa/

2. Federal Congressman Zeca Dirceu (PT/Paraná) visited the Lula Livre Vigil on Monday to participate, along with the activists, in the customary good night shout to Lula. While he was there, the lawmaker spoke of the importance of strengthening the movement for freedom for Lula, and how important the actions on April 7th will be, on the day that marks one year since the greatest popular leader in the history of the country was politically imprisoned. “We will show our anger with great force,” he said. Read more here: https://bit.ly/2UG2XXO

3. On March 19, 2017, exactly two years ago, Lula arrived in the town of Monteiro Paraiba, for the people's inauguration of the transposition of the São Francisco river – the greatest legacy of his government in this historically drought-plagued region. When Lula was in charge of the government, he put into action this project, which had been planned since the days of Imperial Brazil. In front of the crowd, Lula said, “The time has ended when people can say that the Northeast is a region that only has poor people. The math is simple. You don't have to be a big doctor. We have already proven that the poor people are not the problem. The poor people are the solution.” Read more here: https://pt.org.br/ha-dois-anos-lula-inaugurava-a-transposicao-do-rio-sao-francisco/

4. Union activist José Ferreira da Silva, Lula's brother, who has been known as “Frei Chico” since his times as a resistance militant against the dictatorship, told the news medium Brasil 247 about how the former President's life has been during the past few months. “I want to tell the people  to believe in one thing: Lula did not rob anyone, and he will prove it. The narrative that says that he stole something will have to prove that it really happened.” Read the full interview here: https://bit.ly/2FmQwL0